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Oxfordshire Crisis Bed Project: Analysis of responses to the survey ‘Need for a Crisis House in Oxfordshire’


The Oxfordshire Crisis Bed Project recently carried out a survey on the need for a crisis house in Oxfordshire. The survey was circulated between 18th December and 31st January. The survey received 31 responses, which included service users, NHS professionals, carers, and friends of those who have experienced mental health issues.

When asked about the support people in Oxfordshire receive when they feel mentally unwell, the majority of respondents said that they felt that they had no choice in the care they received. There were also a number of respondents who had mixed experiences with some reporting the care was awful whilst others thought it excellent.

When feeling unwell, many people said that, what they found most helpful was peer support and mindfulness practice. The majority said that if there was a choice the best place to go to would be a Crisis House. One respondent said:

It would give a sense of belonging and feeling of not being alone, and without the stigma of being in hospital’.

Another respondent commented:

One would be able to weather a short crisis or get some respite from the stresses and strains which are contributing to the mental health problem.

The majority of people who answered the survey said it was important to have staff at the Crisis House 24hrs a day, trained to look after them, a clear definition of the client group, and good security.

Committee members of the Oxfordshire Crisis Bed Project have also actively been visiting different groups and meetings to capture further feedback. A significant number of people have expressed a need for a drop-in place for people in a mental health crisis. When asked what they would expect a crisis house to offer, some people said that they view it as 24/7 supported housing with links to other services.

Following on from the evidence gathered and similar evidence from surveys the Crisis Bed Project has carried out in 2004 and 2010, the Crisis Bed Project have confirmed that they will pursue the Need for a Crisis House with Commissioning Bodies.

If you would like to know more about how the Oxfordshire Crisis Bed Project will pursue the matter they will be discussing this further at their AGM to take place at Restore, Manzil Way, Cowely Rd, OX41YH on Monday May 18th, 3:15pm. The AGM will include a discussion about suicide prevention. Please email if you would like to attend.