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Current campaigns

The Human Search Engine

The Human Search Engine is a project being run during 2014 and early 2015 by Oxfordshire Mind, and funded by Time to Change. The project aims to get people talking about mental health problems, allow people to find out more about mental health by speaking directly with people who have experience of mental health problems, and challenge the stigma that so often surrounds mental health.

Intrigued? Curious? You are invited to drop in to any of our events where you can ask any question you like about mental health e.g. 'What is bi-polar’ or ‘What is it like to hear voices?' Our search engineers will match that question to a voice of experience (a person who has experienced mental health problems) who will be willing to answer it from a unique personal perspective with a two-way conversation.

Asking questions and having a conversation is one of the best ways we learn about things. The Human Search Engine is an invitation to all sectors of the community to experience a truly unique opportunity: to go beyond labels and stereotypes, to gain better understanding and insight into how mental health problems can affect people, and so reduce stigma or discrimination.

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Bring back the mental health inpatient survey:
Campaign organised by Rethink Mental illness to reinstate the Care Quality Commission's mental health inpatient survey

Revert back to policies of direct access to the Crisis Team in Oxfordshire:
Campaign organised by Richard Mackenzie to revert back to Oxford Health NHS FT's former mental health crisis service, which provided direct telephone access:

Black Dog Campaign
Run by Sane to challenge the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Justice for Joe
Campaigning for proper help and medical care for Joe Paraskeva, who was imprisoned for trying to set fire to a door on a psychiatric ward in a London hospital in a bid to escape.

Supported by mental health charity, Sane:

London Wasps rugby club's campaign
Following a series of sporting suicides, London Wasps rugby club is encouraging players to be more open about issues around mental health.

OUSU's Mind Your Head Campaign
Oxford University's Students Union campaign to reduce stigma and help increase awareness of mental illness in Oxford.

Mind's Care in Crisis campaign
Examining the current state of acute and crisis mental health care services in England and Wales.

Mind's Access to talking therapies campaign
Striving for better access to talking therapies.

MoD: Don't Bottle It Up
The MoD's campaign to raise awareness of mental health illness amongst its employees.

Research Mental Health
Led by the Mental Health Foundation to promote the importance of mental health research and encourage investment.

Time to Change
Anti-stigma campaign run by the leading mental health charities Mind and Rethink.

Older campaigns

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health's Stamping Out Stigma campaign

View the posters

Shift: Shifting attitudes to mental illness

Time to Change's 'Schizo: The movie' cinema campaign'schizo-movie'