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Oxford Health NHS FT: Service User Consultation Group

The Service User Consultation Group (SUCG) was set up in 2009, as part of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health Trust's Adult and Older Adult Directorate service. Meeting on a monthly basis, the group comprised service users, a number of members of staff, and other stakeholders, with a main objective of improving the inpatient experience.

The group developed and implemented a number of new service initiatives, including:

  • Welcome posters (for new patients and visitors on the wards) displaying relevant and useful information on arrival, to be displayed at the entrance to each ward;

  • A 'promise' document clearly defining what patients can expect from their inpatient stay for both patients and staff (including areas such as the environment, patient care, and ward policies), to be displayed in all the bedrooms of the Oxfordshire inpatient wards;

  • Name badges for staff so that patients and visitors can easily identify staff members;

  • A checklist for staff detailing the documentation that should be provided in the patient welcome packs (such as information about the ward facilities, information about the advocacy service, ward polices and so on); the packs are distributed to patients on arrival on the wards.

The Service User Consultation Group is an excellent example where service user and staff involvement has had a positive impact and made a real difference to the patient experience.

For more general information and further details on how to become involved with the Trust's services and activities, visit:

Publication date: November 2011.

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