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Re-energize: a user-led sports and social group

Re-energize is a friendly, positive and informal sports and social group based in Oxfordshire that’s user-led, run for and by people overcoming mental health difficulties.

Re-energize offers something different; in that, we focus on befriending and socialising, as well as just our sports activities. We provide social events at 'natural' times, in the evenings and at weekends, and our sports sessions in the afternoon.

We deliver a holistic mental health service embodying all aspects of members' needs: emotional, physical and social that we do not see as separate aspects to mental health recovery, but see these as a whole to reclaiming life. This is delivered through the peer support of shared understanding of people who are overcoming mental health difficulties themselves.

Who can join Re-energize?

Any person with a mental health diagnosis who is 18 years old or over can join us, subject to our application procedure; however, the people who benefit most from us are those who are doing well with their mental health/clinical recovery, but want help to get back into the world outside of mental health services, make friendships and socialise within a group that is user-led, where everyone is involved in decision making.

What does the group offer?

Exercise sessions

We currently meet twice-a-week for exercise sessions in Oxford at a games hall in the community, the East Oxford Games Hall: once for badminton and once for ‘taster’ sessions of our forthcoming Personalised Exercise Class. We charge members £1 to attend these groups, going towards our running costs, though the first ‘taster’ session of all activities is free of charge. The badminton is a group activity, with the focus on fun; all abilities are welcome and accommodated for, enabling all members to play within the session, and all equipment is provided. The session lasts for one hour, with a fun and non-competitive atmosphere.

Personalised Exercise Class

The Personalised Exercise Class is run by a personal trainer. The content of the class is decided by members, with the personal trainer giving individual exercises and levels of intensity to suit different members’ fitness levels and preferences. The personal trainer has a wide variety of experience in aerobic, military-style and cardiovascular workouts, amongst others, that members draw from to put together the overall class. The content may include elements of boxercise, circuit training, callanetics, skipping, step-ups, resistance workouts and toning. There will also be fun team-games and team-work, and an opportunity to learn exercise and toning to do at home. The sessions run for thirty minutes to an hour.

Health and Nutrition group

Our Health and Nutrition Group is run by an experienced dietitian and psychotherapist who can provide advice and information in a group setting, and can also offer private one-to-ones. We also offer a ‘buddy system’: someone to accompany you to any health check/screening e.g. GP, opticians, dentist appointments.

Other advice offered by the group includes:

  • Overall physical health
  • Impact of medications
  • Lifestyle & check-ups
  • Weight gain from illness and/or medication
  • Healthier lifestyles and long term weight maintenance
  • Improving mood and/or overall mental health
Social outings

We arrange social group outings at evenings and weekends. We feel it is important that members decide what types of social activities they want to engage in; this includes meals out, cinema, comedy, gigs, theatre etc. We often subsidise social outings, or pay for them entirely through our funding.

It is great that there is something fun and healthy to do with lovely friendly people and you can just turn up when you want ~ Re-energize member

There is no pressure to attend on a regular basis. Members can come as little or as often as they wish. It is also possible for members to be accompanied by a friend or family member, for instance, for support for the first few visits if preferred. Please note, however, that we ask members to attend some exercise sessions before participating in the social outings.

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining Re-energize, please contact us, on the contact details below, to receive an application form via email or post. Alternatively, we also accept referrals to apply to join us via health professionals.

The application process is to ensure the safeguarding and Health and Safety of members. We ask applicants to provide us with the name of a referee who we can contact for a reference. We will only be asking questions relating to a person’s needs or risk. No information regarding diagnosis or medication will be sought. Referees can be a health care professional like a CPN, Support Worker or GP.

Once we have received your completed application form, we will contact the referee for a reference. If we receive a successful reference, we will then send you joining details.

Further information

If you would like any other information, such as our list of activities and timetable, or to receive a batch of our leaflets, you are welcome to contact us on the contact details below.


Telephone: 0779 2849 261 or 01865 744112


Publication date: April 2013.

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