The objectives of OxfodMHF are:

    • To disseminate local news and information to increase awareness and accessibility in the field of mental health;
    • To help encourage involvement and contribution;
    • To provide an opportunity for sharing experiences, ideas, knowledge, and views (whether anonymously or otherwise);
    • To contribute to research;
    • To encourage services and research teams to further consult with those who have been affected by mental illness to help improve services and treatment outcomes.

Get involved/Support OMHF

  • Have you previously received help from local services for mental illness, such as depression?
  • Did you find the additional support helpful?
  • Were there things that could have helped more?
  • Are you a carer?

Perhaps you have a family member who suffers from autism, or Alzheimer’s or dementia, whose behavior can sometimes be challenging.

How are you finding the experience of caring for them?

Perhaps you are an academic or researcher who is conducting research into people’s experiences of mental illness, and/or looking for participants for a study.

Or do you have an interest in mental health in general and want to find out the latest news, for instance, and information about local research studies.